2 days in Havelock Island (Andamans)

Day 1- Portblair to Havelock Island:

We boarded the first cruise from Portblair to Havelock Island (also known as Swaraj dweep) at 0630. Our tickets were pre-booked, so we directly moved towards the cruise after security check-in.

In case carrying Alcohol, it should be sealed and do not forget to carry its invoice, these are strictly checked while security check-in.

The cruise was air-conditioned with few outside view seats. Once we all sat in our respective seats, some Steward/Stewardesses explained about safety tips and hacks to use incase of emergency.

The cruise housed with a small canteen along with few televisions set which were playing movies throughout the journey. It was my first ever experience of travelling in a cruise which felt like sitting in any motionless air-conditioned box. 

We reached the Island at 0900 where one of the travel agency executives was waiting for us; he took us to the Havelock Island beach resort, which was going to be our home for the next two days.

hav.PNGHavelock Island Beach Resort

The resort had amazing wooden cottages along with personal beach and dining facilities. Our cottages were on the first floor with an amazing view and amenities. The wifi was available only at the reception area. The place was precisely similar to the ones shown in the pictures and videos on the internet

We hired bikes for a day (readily available on rent) which cost around 300 INR per day without fuel. The fuel was easily available at local shops as there was no petrol pump. Soon after breakfast, we took the bikes and started exploring the Island. We randomly chose roads to roam around and even met a few locals, had some conversations and learnt about the local culture.

In the evening, we visited Radhanagar beach for sunset view. It was 15-20 minutes ride from our resort. The road leading to the beach was beautifully covered with coconut and palm trees. 

The Beach (also known as beach no 7) is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia. It was clean and less crowded. We walked barefooted on the sand, played in the water, captured the beach moments, ate fruits, local food, and saw the sun setting down. We even managed to get a few excellent clicks to show off our colorful and flared dresses.

radhangr.jpgRadhanagar beach

sunset5.jpgSunset at Radhanagar beach

After sunset, we came back to our resort and sat at the reception area. The resort had a separate Nemos’s Café on the beachside which organizes parties, especially on weekends, so rather than going out and trying some other popular café/restaurant, we decided to spent our evening there.

We all got ready and reached beachside for dinner. The place was lit. Everything was beautifully decorated with fairy/different lights and soothing music. 

n2.jpgNemo’s cafe

Fortunately, it was a full moon night, and the reflection of the moon can be seen easily on the water. We sat barefoot touching the smooth sand on the shacks beside the sea where the lights actually started hallucinating our minds. The delicious food and the music just made the place & the time worth it.


Beach side dinner

It was midnight and completed dark; we could not see anything but jellyfish at the shore. We sat there for a couple for hours more after dinner listening to the sound of waves. The cool breeze was soothing our skin. It was a peaceful experience.

Day 2- KalaPathar and Elephanta Beach:

We had bikes in the morning as well so we headed towards the KalaPathar beach early morning. The road towards the Beach ran parallel to the shore with few twisted turns and cool breeze. There were multiple potential spots for clicking some of the excellent clicks on empty roads.

IMG_20190420_090429__01.jpgKala-Pathar Beach

The Beach was located at the end of the Island with only few people around. The turquoise crystal clear water had mangroves within it. There were dried trees, which gave us a chance to get some beautiful photographs.

The place had all the picturesque views which I used to see on the internet and wallpapers before – The perfect treat to the eyes.

Since we had to return our rented bikes, we just spent around half an hour and came back to our resort.

As per our itinerary, the next to visit was Elephanta beach so we all headed towards it through a speed boat. It is one of the secluded beaches with clear blue waters and white sand, making it an excellent spot for snorkelling. Other water sports like Jet Ski, banana ride were also available.

Capture.PNGElephanta Beach

Small stalls were serving completely organic fruits and varieties of local snacks. It was afternoon and the humidity was on the higher side along with the scorching sun. So we moved towards a big old tree and sat down on the smooth white sand under it. The sunscreen, hats, glares and light-colored clothes actually acted as a saviour.

While one of us went to enjoy water activities, we remaining switched-on our speaker and, captured the goodness of the place in our eyes. After spending some time there, we headed back to our resort.


After having delicious lunch in our rooms, we switched the ac on, jumped in our super cosy bed, and took the afternoon nap.

In the evening, we hopped around the streets of the Island to explore the locality, met a few locals, and bought some ready-to-eat snacks. For our surprise, there was an alcohol shop available which opens regularly from 1500 to 2000.

We were so pleased with the service of Nemo Café that instead of exploring some other dining place on the Island, we decided to spend our evening on the shacks again. But for a change, this time we chose a different table which was adjacent to the sea and even ordered different seafood. 

n1.jpgDinner site

At some point in time, the waves started touching our feet. The music selection was awesome. The food was delicious. After dinner, we sat on the shacks and could feel the cool breeze on us. Later, we joined a group of youngsters sitting on the sand, playing guitar, and singing along with it.

The food, The light, The music, The evening. Everything was perfect!

We enjoyed on the white smooth sand; we danced, sang, partied, it was just the best part of the trip.

I was in the moment, enjoying it to the fullest.

Once the party was over, we spent some more time just sitting on the shacks, talking about the joyous time we had.

After midnight, we went to our rooms and wrapped up to sleep.

Day 3: Back to PortBlair:

While my friends were sleeping, I woke up early around 0500 (the sun rises early here), went to the beach area and took a barefoot walk on the shore.

The cold seawater was giving a good feeling. I just wanted to capture all the beautiful view in my eyes. I even clicked a few photographs and then sat on one the swing facing towards the sea. There was no one except a few café’s workers. All I could see was the sun and the sand, and all I could hear was the sound of waves. 

12345.PNGEarly morning view from the resort

The same place was so lit at night, and now it looked barren with no one around. Complete silence yet beautiful. It was utterly ‘me-time’. I spent some more time sitting alone with a hot cup of coffee giving an absolute treat to my eyes, and hoping to visit again soon.

chasma.jpgSomewhere in Havelock Island

“The Island was complete natural raw beauty, the locals were amiable and ready to help whenever required, I loved the place but for sure the place may not remain same in near future; commercialization is going to hit soon, as all I could see was in-progress construction of resorts throughout the Island”.  

I wished I could stop the time then and there.

Once my girls’ gang was up and ready, we all had toothsome breakfast, checked-out from the resort and headed toward the harbour to start our journey back to Portblair.

Our Cruise tickets were pre-booked, so we directly moved for the security check-in. The name of our cruise was ‘Green Ocean’. It had the luxury as well as the economy class of seating. The only difference between both was, the luxury ones had seats with outside view, whereas the economy ones were in the basement with no outside view seats. As the basement was more compact, sea sickness was easily felt. For recreations, there were few television set which were playing some movies throughout the journey and for refreshments,the cruise housed a small canteen serving packed food items.

Being bored of sitting in the compact area, we all went and stood near the deck facing towards the sea, hoping to see dolphins or other marine species.

We reached back Portblair in approximately 4 hours. 

Best time to visit: October to February, but we visited in April. Being summers, It was hot but not much crowded. We even got a few good deals hence planned our itinerary accordingly.

Stay: Havelock Island Beach resort (highly recommended).

Travel Itinerary: Dream Journey Holidays. This travel agency made our complete trip hassle-free.

It is suggested to book a customized tour with some travel agency to avoid the hustle and wait in a long queue for buying ferry, speed boat, and other tickets.

Also, do carry enough cash.

Happy Tripping, 

Keep showering your love 

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