Things to remember while planning a road trip to Kasol/Tosh-

  1. If planning a road trip, make sure to tag a minimum of two good drivers to make your trip hassle-free, as the route is a mix of hilly and sloppy roads.
  2. Do save some of your favourite tracks offline and a small speaker if possible. You may need this while on the trek.
  3. You can find small tapri and Dhaba on the way where you can find refreshments, but don’t forget to tag some packed food and water along.
  4. Make sure to keep track of fuel tank, and Car stepney should be functional and carry all required car documents.
  5. Make sure to download offline maps to avoid deviation in routes.
  6. Make sure to develop your body stamina for trekking. Else you will curse yourself like I did, throughout the trek.
  7. Do carry any national photo identity card and all essential medicines.
  8. Do carry shoes with good grip, sunglasses, torch, cap, good woollen jackets.
  9. Do carry sufficient cash as Kasol doesn’t have much ATMs, and online money transfer is not much in trend here or safer side withdraw some cash from Buntar/Kullu.
  10. Do pay state taxes while crossing the state border(if hired a car), else you may get into trouble.
  11. Be very careful while driving, policemen are there to catch you for over speeding.
  12. You can carry alcohol, but better, don’t take any stuff out of Kasol. It may actually get you into big trouble as multiple police checkpoints available as soon as you step outside the Kasol.
  13. There are hotels/resorts available in Kasol but expensive because of commercialization, so it is better to opt Tosh for staying.
  14. Do ask the locals to prepare the homemade food and enjoy it sitting beside sigri in the cold evening & thank me later!
  15. Do carry chocolates to munch and to provide energy while on the trek.
  16. There is no mobile network in Kheerganga.
  17. Tosh is gorgeous and still remained unexploited by tourism. So let’s make sure to keep the place clean.

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