Kheerganga lies in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh and is among one of the most popular tourist places in Himachal. It is famous for the hot springs and beautiful perspectives on the Himalayan Mountains, and it is believed that Lord Shiva has meditated here for years. No doubt, it is one of the must visit offbeat places in Himachal pradesh.

My trip to kheerganga and Tosh

I, along with my three friends, started our drive in a Creta from Delhi all the way to Kasol /Tosh to visit Kheerganga in April. We drove till Tosh, which is the far end of Parvati Valley.

We started at around 11:330 pm from Delhi airport and reached next day around 1:00 pm to Kasol.

The overall route is good but little tiring. Hence we took multiple breaks and made our journey relaxing. Early morning we entered Himachal and the route became more beautiful and the breeze – cool. The Parvati river flowing on one side and the mountains on the other made it mesmerising. It was almost afternoon by the time we reached Kasol. The smell of Marijuana was the first impression whereas hippie culture and Israeli people around, was the second.

Distance of Tosh from Kasol was approximately 21 km but took around an hour or so to reach there because of bumpy roads. The way is steep and slippery at places, making drive little risky.


Tosh, a small village is just another example of the unparalleled natural beauty in Himachal Pradesh. It is really untouched by modernisation and fast-paced life still. It is becoming quite popular among backpackers who are looking for an escape from the daily boring routine and city life as the place is full of clean, fresh air and peaceful surroundings. One more important reason for being popular is because of its cannabis plantations.

Tosh village

Also, the village and the villagers will give you a sense of calmness and peace. Nothing will disappoint you!

Few good hotels and guesthouses were available, but we chose to stay in the regular houses open on rent with the locals, which had all the necessary amenities.

For lunch, there are few good cafes available, and we opted at the famous shiva cafe, which was beautiful and cosy.

Shiva cafe

For dinner, we asked one of the locals to prepare some good food for us and frankly speaking, it was way tastier and cheaper than the one we had in our lunch.

Dinner place

Our morning started with a stunning sunrise view. We then left for Barshaini(base camp) at about 8:00(IST). Barshaini is about 4km from Tosh village and is about 22km from Kasol and is also the convergence point of the Parvati and Tosh Rivers. 

Morning view of Tosh

 It was cold then, fog everywhere. The place looked beautiful. We all covered ourselves with woollen clothes, took a sip of rum and started our trek. It was steep initially and just after walking for a km or so…I gave up. Since I haven’t prepared my body for a trek, I got exhausted quickly. After every few minutes, I searched for a place and sat down but somehow managed to continue the trek.

 It was fun…we found many people trekking along with us, and the majority of them were Israelis. The place famous is really famous for stoners. It is effortlessly easy to get it from here.

 The trek is of 14km (approx) from base-camp and is actually beautiful, with small footpath and Parvati river flowing on the other side. There were small villages on the way where we found various properly developed cafes on the idea of serving tasty snacks. Having hot coffee in this amidst view was really a thing I was craving for.

Coffee on the way

Initially halfway, the trek is average, but after crossing a bridge and a waterfall, it is actually a little harsh. The path is stunningly beautiful, and I believe it has one of the stunning and breathtaking views. The Alpine trees, the waterfalls, the Parvati river flowing just beside us, the echoing of our own sound. Everything was just amazing. We walked through the majestic scenery, along with a beautiful sight of nature and passed a few wooden bridges, tricky terrains, furthermore slippery curves. 

 After taking multiple halts, we reached the top at around 2:00pm (IST). It was a different happy feeling of achieving something. Especially for a person like me who tried giving up just after the start.It was cold, and the view was gorgeous. We could see the snow-covered Himalayas on the other side and the small temple of Lord Shiva. Two were hot springs available and is said to take bathe there to get your pain relief. The hot springs were available and were properly constructed for both males and females separately and thoughtfully, all our pain went in vain after taking bathe in it.

 We visited the temple and had some tea-biscuits at the cafes available there. Almost anything and everything there was filled with serenity. We all spent some quality time there and left by 4:00pm(IST) as we didn’t have much time. However, many camps were available just in case you want to do camping and night stay. I will suggest you stay there overnight and enjoy the beautiful experience.

This view

 We completed return trek in almost 5 hours and didn’t find it difficult while returning as it was more of slopes. Since there was no light/electricity on the way, we were little afraid as it became dark. We hold each other’s hand and used the torches and flashlights of our mobile phones to find the way. We reached the base camp at approx 10:30 om (IST). It was utterly dark, so we just got into our left for Kasol.

 It was the weekend, and Kasol was full of tourists. It became difficult to find a place to stay there. Almost everything was packed. Finally, after searching and visiting so many hotels, we found a vacancy in a hotel online and booked it instantly. It was good, but it was a little expensive. We stayed there overnight. We got into our rooms and fall asleep as soon as we got into our bed as it was a tiring day.

Next day early morning, we all took a stroll to Kasol Street and had full stomach breakfast in one of the famous cafes and started our return journey towards Delhi.

Best time for the trek is April to November where absolute best months are April/May and September/October. We chose the first week of April, and our overall trip was of four days starting from Delhi to Delhi.

Things to remember while on a road trip to Kasol/Tosh/Kheerganga

  1. If choosing a road trip, make sure to tag a minimum of two good drivers to make your trip hassle-free, as the route is a mix of hilly and sloppy roads.
  2. Do save some of your favourite tracks offline and a small speaker if possible. You may need this while on the trek.
  3. You can find small tapri and Dhaba on the way where you can find refreshments, but don’t forget to tag some packed food and water along.
  4. Make sure to keep track of fuel tank, and Car stepney is functional and carry all required car documents.
  5. Make sure to download offline maps to avoid deviation in routes while travelling.
  6. Make sure to develop your body stamina for trekking. Else you will
  7. Do carry any national photo identity card and all essential medicines.
  8. Do carry shoes with good grip, sunglasses, torch, cap, good woollen jackets.
  9. Do carry sufficient cash as Kasol doesn’t have much ATMs, and online money transfer is not much in trend here. Else make sure to withdraw some money from Buntar/Kullu.
  10. Do pay state taxes while crossing the state border, else you may get into trouble.
  11. Be very careful while driving, policemen are there to catch you for over speeding.
  12. You can carry alcohol, but better, don’t take any stuff out of Kasol. It may actually get you into big trouble as there multiple police checkpoints available as soon as you step outside the Kasol.
  13. There are hotels/resorts available in Kasol but expensive because of commercialization, so it is better to opt Tosh for staying.
  14. Do ask the locals to prepare the homemade food for you and enjoy it sitting beside sigri in the cold evening and thank me later!
  15. Do carry chocolates to munch and to provide energy while on the trek.
  16. There is no mobile network in Kheerganga.
  17. Tosh is gorgeous and still remained unexploited by tourism. So let’s make sure to keep the place clean.
Parvati river

I read somewhere- Tosh is a place when mountains meet the moon, and I do believe this now.

Go and check your self!

Happy tripping !

Do let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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