Things to remember while travelling to Andaman Island

  1. Do carry a copy /original national identity proof and driving license(must) if planning for self-drive on Islands.
  2. If choosing an overnight flight for travelling, you will surely be sleep-deprived. So make sure to keep fewer places to visit on day 1.
  3. Do Carry all the essential medicines and first aid kit.
  4. Do carry hats/caps, glares along with good SPF sunscreen.
  5. Do carry colorful flared dresses to get some excellent clicks on the beach.
  6. The internet facilities are frail here, so don’t rely on it, not even on Hotels’ wifi.
  7. Jio network doesn’t work here at all. Networks like Airtel, Vodafone & bsnl are better.
  8. Don’t pick any shell/corals from any beach or carry back with you. These are banned and punishable.
  9. Sufficient ATMs are available in Portblair, but online money transfer/swipe machines are available only at hotels and resorts; everywhere else, you need to pay cash.
  10. It is suggested to book a customized tour with some travel agency to avoid the hustle and wait in a long queue for buying ferry, speed boat, and other tickets.
  11. Sunrises and sets a little early here, so plan everything accordingly.
  12. Alcohol shops are available in Portblair and Havelock island, which opens from 3:00 pm. To 8:00 pm.
  13. If carrying alcohol, make sure it is sealed and take the bill for security check-in at seaports; else, you’ll not be able to bring it to other islands.
  14. The local people are amiable and ready to help whenever required.
  15. It is a beautiful and clean place; lets’ try to maintain it by disposing of all the wastes/used bottles and wrappers in the dustbin, which are readily available throughout the city.

Happy tripping 🙂

Do visit and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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