First ever scuba-

Scuba diving was on my bucket list, and fortunately, I got a chance to tick it off my list this year at the north bay islands in Andaman and Nicobar.

It was afternoon, and the place was full of humidity. I could see many people getting ready and in the sea getting trained for Scuba.

Initially, I was very excited. It was going to be my first ever underwater experience. 

As per terms I filled a form(which included details of my medical history), submitted 3500 Indian rupees as part of scuba cost(which included taking pictures and videos inside the water), placed my stuff in a locker (which was available for 50 Indian rupees) and moved towards the sea. There were many people, and each of us provided with a separate instructor. 

Once the instructor called all of us in the water, I became nervous. He took a few minutes to teach the breathing techniques using the life-saving oxygen cylinder and other initial training to perform inside the water. He then pulled us into the water to practice how to inhale and exhale. I was not able to breathe and freaked out completely. He then patiently taught about the techniques used inside the water like hand gestures(the one showed in Zindagi na milegi dobara). The breathing is little tricky, but I learned in few practices.

After 10 minutes of practice and teachings, the instructors took all of us inside the water for the actual diving.

The temperature was moderate. The water was calm and crystal clear.

Neither I was a trained diver, nor I knew how to swim still; I was comfortable inside the water. The instructor was just beside me throughout the time, just in case I need any help. The visibility in the water was excellent. I was weightless and could float effortlessly. It reminded me of the fictional character of Walt Disney – “The little mermaid’s Ariel.” I was twisting and turning as smoothly as Ariel used to do. I started seeing corals; there were varieties of them. As per instructor, I was in around 20 feet crystal clear water and could easily see multiple small, tiny, colorful fishes like Nemo, Parrot fishes, etc. along with other marine species and was amazed seeing such beautiful species underwater. Different varieties of fishes were swimming near me. The fishes were very close, yet not afraid. I even tried touching a few of them but failed.

Thought of doing the certification of Scuba crossed my mind. It was one of the amazing experiences of my life.

Marine life

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