A drive to Malshej Ghat

For making the best use of the weekend in monsoon, this time we planned a drive to Malshej Ghat. It hasn’t rained for the last few days hence we were in a great dilemma about the place.
But a car was already booked well in advance so on a sunny Saturday morning being so optimistic about the rain, we carried extra pair of clothes and umbrella/rain covers and started our drive towards Malshej.

The way towards Malshej through Chakan

It is located in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats nearly 130kms away from Pune. We started around 8:00 in the morning and took way as per the Google map suggested via Chakan-Narayangaon-Junnar.

At some parts, the road is terrible in shape, but apart from that, it is entirely smooth along with beautiful landscapes with mountains at one side and green fields on the other.
The way was a combination of green fields, dense forests, varieties of flora-fauna and mountains. It took around 3 hours for us to reach the main ghat after taking stopovers for photographs and snacks.

A treat to the eyes

Initially, we thought as if we made a wrong choice by choosing a sunny day but the rain God was kind enough as it started raining by the time we reached there.
The weather was good, but it became amazingly awesome once it started raining. The refreshing climate was one of the significant attractions. It was a perfect destination for nature lovers and photographers.
There were countless waterfalls in Malshej Ghat but the biggest attraction was a tunnel which had a big waterfall down towards the road which means the water completely falls off the car/vehicle when we drove from the way, making you go WOW.

Malshej ghat

While it was drizzling, we peacefully sat(as it was not that crowded) at one of the visiting points and enjoyed the hot Maggie and roasted corn(bhutta). Everywhere only smoky waterfall and clouds can be seen; the place was not less than heaven.

The hot delicious maggie

There was fog and varieties of the waterfall(small, big, medium) which were a treat to our eyes. The walk in the rain and the slow-motion videos near the waterfall was just excellent.
While driving back, I opened the window and put my head out of it( will surely not advice to do so). The rainfall and the wind which was falling on my face was giving a different kind of happiness.

I loved the feeling and the place. The same way had become more beautiful after the rain. Throughout the way, I enjoyed the rainfall along with melodious unplugged songs.
On the way back, we searched and stopped at some small place for having tea while it was raining and then we started our drive back to Pune. We stuck in traffic at many places near Chakan and reached home before midnight.

The garam chai ki pyali

The only disappointment was seeing the used water bottles and wrappers of food items discarded on the road side. It was little turn off at such a beautiful place.

So just a suggestion, lets maintain the beauty of the place by keeping it clean 🙂

Happy tripping 🙂

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