Tamhini Ghat

Being in Pune, the most awaited season of the year is “Monsoon“. As soon as Monsoon approaches, it opens many getaways for ‘Punekars‘.

One of them is “Tamhini Ghat”.

Somewhere in the ghat

On a rainy Saturday morning, we booked a car, packed extra clothes along with rain-covers/umbrella and all set to start our journey to explore the western ghats.

For about 60 km from Pune, towards the crest of Western ghat Mountain ranges it is located between Mulshi and Tamhini. The ghat stretches for almost 15 km. However, the road was turnoff being more bumpy and ugly in some areas but the weather compensated. It won our heart with the lush green, dense forest and countless waterfalls all around and were truly ravishing.

There were multiple potential halts for clicking pictures. The main attractions were fog and waterfalls. While at one of the stops, we went into the dense forest and interestingly found an unexplored pond. It was beautiful with a small waterfall on one side and fortunately, no one was around. We clicked a few pictures and spent a good time there.

The whole drive is mesmerising and romantic but at the same time make sure to have some good downloaded music along in your mobile phones, as we missed it.

Moving ahead, on the way, the hot and delicious vada-pav, kanda bhajji and tea became the ‘cherry on the cake’. The monsoon trip is always incomplete without these. There were many restaurants and dhabas on the way but do carry cash as internet network was very poor through out the journey.

The vadapav treat

While returning back, at some point in time, due to rain and fog the visibility became very poor making driving very difficult. Due to narrow roads, we could not even stop, but somehow we continue to drove. Thus, good driving skills are must for these serpentine turns.

Usually, it is crowded on weekends but fortuitously it was India Vs Srilanka match which made the place less crowded and no traffic. It is advisable to start the trip early morning to avoid crowd and traffic especially on weekends.

Colorfull and contrast clothes/raincoat will surely be the primary reason of getting a few excellent clicks.

Also, would advice not to litter around to maintain the beauty of the place.

Happy Tripping 🙂

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